February 5, 2004





Which is a better motivator guilt,praise or pride?

I wish it were praise, but too often it is a combination of pride and guilt.

Ryan, 29
Riedlingen GERMANY

Do you mean the "best" motivator? After all, three quantities are being compared. If you mean by "pride" what I mean by "self- respect", I choose "pride"--but this only works for self-starters.
Some people respond to praise. Others have absolutely no capacity for guilt, but will act in their own self interest. A standard approach would be effective only with "standard" people. I've never dealt with a group of "standard" people.

Jill, 61
Saylorsburg, PA USA

It depends on the context. In the long run, for mature persons, pride in doing something successfully is probably the most effective. Children, however, respond better to judicious praise.

Jane, 63
West Linn, OR USA

For me, pride is the best motivator.

Laura, 39
Lowell, MA USA

They all work for me! It depends on the circumstance.

Janet, 46
E. Brunswick, NJ USA

definitely guilt

Melodi, 19
Gahanna, OH USA


Keri-Jade, 23
Brampton, Ontario CANADA

That is easy...in fact, all I want my boss to say to me is nice job jack...that --- s all I want to hear. If I ever get a real job, hopefully, they damn sure are going to realize how hard I worked...

Frodo, 32
The Shire

I'd say guilt, although I find pride to be a good motivator as well.

Aly, 17
Cardiff UK

I would say for me guilt with a tinge of pride motives. Praise not at all, but pleasing others - Yes.

Felicia, 38
Lowell, MA USA


Alias Irrelevante

Depends on the person being motivated and the source of the motivator, I guess.

Karen, 23
Ames, IA USA

Oh, for me, definately pride.


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