February 21, 2004





What sort of exercise do you enjoy the most?

I go jogging most weekend mornings and I find them very refreshing.

Aly, 17
Cardiff UK

I like to walk.

Janet, 46
E. Brunswick, NJ USA

Swimming! It's always been my favorite. Not only is is good all-over exercise, but when you swim for an extended period, the rhythm puts you into a meditative state.

Jane, 63
West Linn, OR USA

I enjoy gardening, walking the dogs and playing tennis. I haven't played tennis in years, though.

Laura, 39
Lowell, MA USA

rollerskating, treadmills

Melodi, 19
Gahanna, OH USA

Anything I can do outside: hiking, skiing, bicyling, kayaking, etc. I'm not much of one to go to the gym or participate in aerobics.


Walking. With a friend even better. I just took a walk today with a friend and you could tell that spring will be here. I heard birds chirpping and the sun was so warm, the breeze wasn't but the sun was warm.

KarenNJ, 45
Milltown, NJ USA


Karen, 23
Ames, IA USA

The stint of vigorous activity that I've accomplished for the day. I "enjoy" exercise mainly in retrospect and for the glow of virtue rather than a sense of physical well being.

Jill, 61
Saylorsburg, PA USA


Lowell, MA USA


Alias Irrelevante

--- hiking, walking, golf...I suppose those are the things that are my bag.

Frodo, 32
The Shire

the fun kind you get in bed ;P

Alice, 23
Wincehster UK

I love volleyball and dancing.

Cathie, 54
Novi, MI USA

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