January 7, 2000    





What did you make today?

A pizza from scratch (and a mess in the kitchen), a personalized January 2000 calender for my mom and $17.62 selling stuff on ebay.

kimberfreed, 31

Today I made a few connections for Habitat for Humanity of Flagstaff, friends with my wife's brother's friends, onnections with a board member's mother.

Tom,  32

I made a big mess everywhere I went…

Shayna, 28

I built a computer today. I took working pieces from non-working systems and built one system that works. So.. I guess what I built today besides a computer was my self-esteem :)

Cindy, 41
Lowell, MA

(I don't understand this question. It almost seems like it is intentionally open-ended and vague. . Oh well, I'll play. . .)

Today I made a big poop in my toilet. It was actually quite huge. .So big in fact I couldn't get it down the bowl after repeated flushings, and it only actually went down when I physically cut it into three littleindividual turds. . .

(Sorry. . . .I can be a real ass sometimes. . .)

mothmc, 35

Today I made three new friends. I met them at a Pagan Discussion group and we had so much fun. It is always nice to make friends.

Chris, 25
, MA

I didn't make anything.

Crystal, 3
Venice Beach, CA

Today I made myself go to the gym for the first time in years. The woman who helped me with my training program was very nice and didn't laugh at me. The program was just enough. I think I will be a little sore tomorrow, but certainly not crippled.

I also made vegetable biryani for dinner. It was very good.

Laura, 34

Today I made a front cover for a magazine and a slice of pizza.

Janet, 42
E. Brunswick
, NJ

I made a promise to resolve my work conflicts and I made 3 people very happy by showing them how to merge data into a report.

Felicia, 33
, MA

Today I consumed more than I made and I made little that was tangible. I did some tech support for family. I don't know if I made them more computer literate but I may have made them less computer frustrated.

I made some notes about free internet telephone services.

I created a semester by semester course plan for the next 3 years of my academic life and revised it a couple times based on the advice of my advisor. I volunteered for extra math. I hope it will be good for my bowels.

I did make a very small stack of clean dishes.

Lowell, MA

What did I make today? A casserole with ham left over from New Year's Day with enough extra for freezing three meals. A dent in accumulated paperwork. A larger dent in the filth in my neglected cupboards. A renewed connection with an old college friend. A determined assault on dog hair at the source--he loved the brushing. Time for admiring the oak branches. A trip out in the chill to fill the bird feeders.

Jill, 59
Saylorsburg, PA


Reba, 50
Rockville, MD

I made it to work on time.

Kristin, 20

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