June 18, 2004





What is the worst thing about summer?

The heat.

Karen, 24
Ames, IA USA

The heat and humidity.

Jill, 61
Saylorsburg, PA USA

Being fair skinned and getting sunburned.

Ryan, 29
Riedlingen GERMANY

Never enough heatwaves in New England

Alias Irrelevante

Having to work on beautiful days

Keri-Jade, 23
Brampton, Ontario CANADA

The worst thing about summer is the humidity.

Cathie, 54
Novi, MI USA

The bugs, they are every where!!!!!!!

KarenNJ, 45
Milltown, NJ USA

The fact that the big cheeses have the summer students doing my work...hey, I work here 6.5 years, and they give people who work here for 3 months my work, so I am so bored that I periodically have to check my pulse to make sure I am still alive...

Frodo, 32
The Shire

the heat at times but mainly the boredom. i am getting old and there just isnt much that interests me anymore. i have a quiet life because all my fun was while i was trying to escape the boredom of high school.

i was never a ridiculous partier anyway. i guess i was just older than my years. i liked to have a good time like most adults not embarrass myself by being ridiculously drunk or wild and crazy.

i hung out with older people and still do. they are settling down and i am ready for that too. i am 22 and i am bored. is that even possible? i had my college fun while i was in high school. damn

i wonder what happens now? i guess i will have to try and find adult fun. the only adult fun i know of is sex and relaxation. i relax enough and i am waiting for marriage.

in other words i am royally screwed and not in the way i want to be.

summer sucks. i guess i will get a job. my only saving grace is that i am running away to visit my sister in new york. i guess that will do something for me because she is ten years older than me but she actually does things unlike the people around me. that could be

Ingrid, 22
Stockton, CA USA

Heat and humidity in New Jersey.

Janet, 46
E. Brunswick, NJ USA


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