March 18, 2004





Have you ever had a friend turn on you?

No. All my friends have been loyal. Unless you include the time that Irene and Cindy walked behind me on the way home from school and teased me. We were in the third grade.

Laura, 39
Lowell, MA USA

Not turn, but severely disappoint.

Felicia, 38
Lowell, MA USA

too many to count

Melodi, 19
Gahanna, OH USA

I think that has only happened a couple of times in my life, both when we were all young and foolish.

Jane, 63
West Linn, OR USA

I've had friends who've lost their minds under circumstances I can understand, I've had friends who've grown distant and we grow in different directions. But I don't think I've ever had to deal with a straight out heel turn or backstabbing from anyone I considered more than an aquantaince.

Alias Irrelevante


Karen, 23
Ames, IA USA


Janet, 46
E. Brunswick, NJ USA

During my nomadic years, I lost touch with many friends, but I can't say that anyone whom I considered a good friend has ever "turned on me".

Jill, 61
Saylorsburg, PA USA


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