March 28, 2004





What god/goddess are would you be?

I'd be Kwan Yin, for sure. I'm always merciful and willing to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Cathie, 54
Novi, MI USA


Lowell, MA USA

Well, I am not so arrogant to thing I am a god/goddess...of course, I believe I have some Artemis, mix in some Athena, and sprinkle with some Appollo (he is, among other things, the god of Wrestling) favorite god of all time, besides my religous savior, is Athena...she is totally awesome.

Frodo, 32
The Shire

I think I get the gist of this question. I am not currently a goddess, to the best of my knowledge, but I have admired Artemis for quite some time. However, if I had the choice, I would rather be me than be Artemis.

Karen, 23
Ames, IA USA

I think I'd like to be Demeter. Not because she suffers for 6 months while Persephone lives in the underworld, but because she is the goddess of agriculture. I like to garden. It's very relaxing.

Laura, 39
Lowell, MA USA

The Goddess of Nature


At the moment I see the charm of being a woodland nymph with full responsibility for a square mile patch of field and forest uninhabited by human beings.

Jill, 61
Saylorsburg, PA USA

I'm most aligned with Athena with a good dose of Hestia and Artemis folded in.

Felicia, 38
Lowell, MA USA

Athena, with a dash of Aphrodite.

Jane, 63
West Linn, OR USA

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