May 3, 2004





Ocean or Mountains, which do you prefer?

I like them both....I can't decide!!!!!


I prefer the mountains.

Cathie, 54
Novi, MI USA

You know. I love the rhythm of the oceans waves and sitting at the beach. But the mountains are also nice, cool tranquil. I'd have to say, it's a draw. 50/50 split.

Janet, 46
E. Brunswick, NJ USA

It is a toss up between them.

Ryan, 29
Riedlingen GERMANY

I'm a mountain chick. . .I think if I'd grown up in Hawaii, I would have been a surfer, but I moved to Iowa when I was just a baby, and I've gone to Colorado many times, so the mountains call to me. \

Karen, 23
Ames, IA USA


Aly, 17
Cardiff UK

The ocean, by far!

Keri-Jade, 23
Brampton, Ontario CANADA

I like oceans--with a limited amount of sand.

Jill, 61
Saylorsburg, PA USA

Ocean. New Jersey shore to be specific.

Laura, 39
Lowell, MA USA

I prefer mountains to ocean, but best of all is the combination of mountains with ocean, in such places as Big Sur, the coast of Northern Maine, or the north coast of Devon.

Jane, 63
West Linn, OR USA

\OCEANS- that is were I love to be. Cool breeze, warm sun, seagulls squacking, good friends and of course a big shovel for Dan.

KarenNJ, 45
Milltown, NJ USA

Bar Harbor, they've got mountains on the beach. One or the other I'd say ocean.

Alias Irrelevante

Mountains, definitely :)

Alice, 23
Wincehster UK

Mountains with cool lakes.

Felicia, 38
Lowell MA USA

Mountains, natch. After all, Alaska is more known for its mountains, then it's oceans. Besides, I can't swim, but I can climb.

Frodo, 32
The Shire


Lowell, MA USA

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