November 16, 2003





What should a news program cover?

The news! I am tired of irrelevant feature.

Jane, 63
West Linn, OR USA

Because television is financed on the premise that "Time Is Money" in depth coverage of International, National, State and Local news is impossible in this imperfect world. Because news watchers differ wildly in sophistication, background information and levels of curiosity, trying to please all will please no one. Personally, I get my news from newspapers and magazines.

Jill, 61
Saylorsburg, PA USA


Fisch, 47
Preston, CT USA

Relevant timely information about local, national and world affairs with a conscious attempt to make clear the bias from which it comes. News programs of late dedicate far too much time to on fluffy entertainment type info.

Felicia, 37
Lowell, MA USA

News. In a balanced and fair way.

Laura, 38
Lowell, MA USA

More global news and information, and a whole lot less about things that in the big picutre don't really matter, like entertainment gossip or even sports.

Ryan, 29
Riedlingen GERMANY

Ha, I'm proofreading a book about that right now. In my opinion, though, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the ultimate news show. It covers the major national things that people should know about, but it's good and funny.

Karen, 24
Ames, IA USA

If I ran a news program I would make sure there was always a segment at the beginning and at the end of the newscast galled "the good news". This would focus on good people doing good
things and would look around the world to showcase positive steps in human evolution, rather than the usual war, hate and fear that dominates the media currently.


The facts. Without commentary, spin, gossip, or asides. If people are given all the facts, they're capable of figuring things out without help from the newsmen.

Judy, 62
Easton, KS USA

As the former editor of a weekly newspaper, I have very definite ideas about what makes up a "news program." Small town TV news is very different from the big shows. The most important factor is to have fair, unbiased reporting with much less of an emphasis on pop culture and flash-in-the-pan icons. The alphabet news programs are married too closely with entertainment and news has a very non-news feel to it anymore.

Cindy, 41

It should cover weather, traffic, news, health, finance, sports. It should inform and should try to

Cathie, 53
Novi, MI USA

a news program should cover news from all over in all kinds of situations that are important for the general public to know. their shouldnt be any news overlooked because of what the media
deems unworthy. the media should not have the right to pick and choose what they want to the public to see and believe. the news should be real.
i hate the media right now. its so biased. who the hell cares about jessica lynch. what the hell did she do? someone please let me
know. what about actual soldiers who were killed in the line of duty. jessica lynch wasnt a real soldier, she didnt do any combat. she didnt die trying to protect her country in a screwed up political war. and was she the only one in the whole war who was captured. i think not so why is she being shoved down our throats. i believe there were at least 5 others who were rescued along with her. and obviously some were of other races also. but the media doesnt recognize them at all. on to that kidnapped girl. she is not the only girl who was kidnapped and found. what about the others. what about the ones who arent found. what about that little black girl who had no coverage. could she and others like her who were ignored by the media for image
purposes been found if the news had given just a little more attention.

i am tired of these sarcastic news reports also. just because the reporter or media doesnt care about them that doesnt mean that the entire public wont care either. why report it then. news is about reporting events that are going on in the world. not sticking in personal opinions. just state the facts and details and let the public form their own opinion. too many of us are sheep and need to start thinking for ourselves.

Ingrid, 22
Stockton, CA USA


Melodi, 19
Gahanna, OH USA

News. Not the same thing rehashed every night until you cannot stand to listen or watch the news.

KarenNJ, 45
Milltown, NJ USA

Both the good and the bad.

Keri-Jade, 23
Brampton, Ontario CANADA

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