October 4, 2003





Is easy listening good or bad?

Let's settle international conflicts and domestic troubles before we deal with elevator music.

Jill, 61
Saylorsburg, PA USA

Music? Easy listening music? It is innocuous - the whole reason for its existence is to calm people whether in an elevator or dentist's office.

Cindy, 41

I guess it just depends on one's mood. I generally don't care for it, but some pretty good songs are considered "easy listening," such as "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John. Hmmm...come to think of it...maybe I DO like easy listening...Simon and Garfunkle, John Denver, some Crosby Stills and Nash.... Oh well. Like I said, it depends on one's mood.


Yes, the old philosopher's most grueling question: Why is easy listening music so hard to listen to? It's pulseless and braindead, this makes it bad.

Alias Irrelevante

Easy listerning what?

KarenNJ, 45
Milltown, NJ USA

No morality here. Just existence.

Felicia, 37
Lowell, MA USA

Easy listening isn't good or bad. It just is.

Laura, 38
Lowell, MA USA

Easy Listening MUsic? Kindda Bad

Janet, 46
E.Brunswick, NJ USA

Bad, mostly. I prefer music that stirs my emotions to muzak you'd hear in lifts.

Aly, 17
Cardiff UK

Like, the musical genre? Mediocre

Karen, 24
Ames, IA USA

It's good. Easy listening can be relaxing. It's better than Chinese Opera, believe me.

Cathie, 53
Novi, MI USA

It's good if you are doing a monotonous task and need to have part of your mind diverted. It's bad if it replaces listening with your whole mind to challenging music.

Jane, 63
West Linn, OR USA

it's okay...more my mom's type of music.

Keri-Jade, 23
Brampton, Ontario CANADA

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