December 24, 1999





What is the one thing people 1000 years from now will know about you and the way you lived?

I think the one thing a person 1000 years from now will know about me will be that I lived in culture that accumulated a ton of "stuff."

Felicia, 33
Somerville, MA

That I was a hard worker and lived a comfortable life. I have not done anything outstanding just being kind to people and help anyone in anyway I can.

Colleen, 29
Virginia Beach, VA

I can't say I know with anything vaguely resembling certainty one thing about one person who lived a 1000 years ago. I'd imagine future folks will be as ignorant.

1000 years from now people will say "that Dan was a real specimen of his age." He bathed only once a day or less often during the winter." Not like today, when we have in body plumbing.

Lowell, MA

They'll laugh at how much trash we accumulated and cry about all the species we wiped out for good.

Medford, MA

That I was busy and spent a lot of money. That I lived during a time of great innovation and the "blank" revolution (let's hope someone comes up with a better name than "digital" for the revolution - it is so much more than that).

Medford, MA

Considering how much is computerized these days, they could have access to records stored by the government as well as business. Any time I buy something with a credit card a record of the purchase is stored somewhere on computer. They know where I shop for groceries as well as clothing and gifts, etc. They will know what magazines I read and if I received a newspaper. They'll where I worked and where I lived, How much I earned and how much I spend, but that will still leave them guessing about who I really was

Lowell, MA

Me in particular - nothing. As a people we will be remembered forconsuming all the resources of the planet in 200 years


I don't think there's enough personal history in the world. Many of the historical resources we have today were written by the government, Church, or writers sanctioned by one of those two groups. For this reason, I have made it my personal goal to acquire as much written material as possible to record the minutiae of everyday life in the late 20th/early 21st centuries. As a start, I've put a section in my will that gives the local Public Library all my papers, to add to the Local History Collection.

Kistin, 20

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