December 28, 1999




Have you made any Y2K preparations? If so, what are they?

Only a few, we have flashlights with batteries stashed arount the house, and some extra canned food. My roommate been saving used milk jugs to fill with water. We have camping equipment that we could use to heat food. And we always have candles on hand. I will make sure that I have extra cash too.

Lowell, MA

I have made no preparations for the turn of the year. . .

mothmc, 35
Pensacola, FL

Nothing too big. Have bottled up some water. Taken out some extra cash. Plan to stay close to home. Have candles and batteries on hand as well as extra warm stuff to wear. Better to be safe than sorry. I do not, however, have my own private arsenal sitting in my survivalist shelter in the basement.

Felicia, 33
Somerville, MA

I bought some bottled water, a flashlight and some batteries. The irony of it is that I won't be in town. Hopefully my sisters are better prepared than I am!

Laura, 34
Lowell, MA

I withdrew an extra $200.00 - in other words - no


We are getting batteries for our flashlights, taking some money out of the bank just in case and that is about it.

Colleen, 29
Virginia Beach,

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