December 29, 1999




What do you want to leave behind from the past year? How about take with you into the new year?

There is absolutely nothing of note I intend to "bring with me" into the new year. . .

mothmc, 35
Pensacola, FL

I would like to leave behind all of the ugly images of violence that have washed over me the passed year. I would like to take forward an renewed interest in developing my creativity.

Felicia, 33
Somerville, MA

Leave the Bad attitude, the lack of political will to deal with the problems of the day. The internet, prosperity.


I'd love to discard my bad habits and defective genes, but I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning just as imperfect as I was at bedtime tonight. I will be starting another time of great resolution with a clean house, a tidy desk and a full freezer.

Jill, 59
Saylorsburg, PA

All the stress from my job can stay in the past and the knowledge I learned at this job to go with me into the future. I also would like to take my faith that GOD will bless us with a child in the year 2000. That Michael's health continues to good into the new year and all the sickness he has had can diffently stay in the past. The lack of seeing my family can stay in the past and in the year 2000 I hope see them more. Pretty simple stuff this past year has been very good to Michael and I. I really can't ask for much better.

Virginia Beach, VA

Leave behind unemployment, and take with me improved health. And luckily I am currently employed in a job that I love. And my healths better than it has been. But I would like to increase my energy level. Because now that I'm employed I can afford to do things.

Lowell, MA

I'd like to leave about 30 pounds in 1999. Unfortunately losing weight isn't that easy. I'd like leave anger and frustrations with a family member behind, too. I'd like to go forward with a stronger faith in God that shows itself in my daily interactions with others.

Laura, 34
, MA

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