December 30, 1999





What news story have you heard in the last week or so that really seems like a millenium ending sort of thing? (Be as detailed as possible).

I heard a story on National Public Radio this morning with the Director of Millenium Watch (a sort of think tank, academic group). He noted that there are all sorts of millenium groups out there, the militia folks, the survivalists, the fundamentalists, the alien believers, etc. The host of the show asked him where he fit the Y2K folks. Interestingly he said that most millenial groups have very detailed descriptions of how the world will be after an apocolyptic sort of event. They are just fuzzy on the exact date. With Y2K, we have the exact date, but we aren't so sure what will happen.

Interesting, huh??

Felicia, 33
Somerville, MA

The millenium ender for me is the Hostage taking of an airplane full of people in India. It has to do with Afgahnistan, India, Muslim terrorists. It feels boring - the whole last decade has been these kind of terrorist things. Now the hostages are free (as well as 2 terrorists). I fervently hope this hostage taking thing is done.


Rather than a single story, I'm greatly enjoying the review of the millennium in this week's TIME magazine. I only skimmed the profiles of Einstein and FDR and Ghandi, but I'm enjoying the profiles of earlier personages. Paradoxically, a necessary ingredient for a pleasant future is coming to grips with the unpleasant parts of the past. As far as the flurry of publicity on millenium preparation....much ado about nothing.

Jill, 59
Saylorsburg, PA

It's hard to say. . . maybe the terrorism across the borders. . .possibly the paranoia and people buying into the hype. . .

mothmc, 35
Pensacola, FL

That Charles Shultz will no longer be doing Peanuts. Which has been going on longer than I've been alive.

Lowel, MA

What I"d like to leave behind from the past year is depression (from when my beloved dog died), but that did not succeed (because my Grandfather died, as did another dog in the year 2000).

Gavin, 15

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