December 31, 1999





What in your life will be different tomorrow?

The number one answer what in my life will be different tomorrow, really nothing. It feels like another year has gone by. Just trying to have children in this next decade.

Colleen, 29
Virginia Beach, VA

I'll be one day older and will hopefully remember to put 00 and not 99 at the end of my dates.

Felicia, 33
Somerville, MA

Not much. I'm not a big fan of celebrating one turning of the calendar as opposed to any others. I don't really do that much with New Years in other years. It is essentially a non-event


Absolutely nothing. . .

mothmc, 35
Pensacola, FL

Since I've spent the day in a bustle of activity, the house will certainly be cleaner. On the other hand, there will still be ice on the bird bath and dust woolies behind a massive bureau and a notebook full of projects to be accomplished.

Jill, 59
Saylorsburg, PA

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