Next Questions

12/31/01 What do you want to leave behind in 2001?
12/30/01 When do you take down your holiday decorations?
12/29/01 What is your best memory of the year 2001 (up to this point)?
12/28/01 Do you have celebration plans for New Year's Day / Eve?
12/27/01 What is the best gift you received this holiday season (if you have a tradition of exchanging gifts)?
12/26/01 Do you have a friend who makes you laugh?
12/25/01 What is mysterious to you?
12/24/01 What does snow smell like?
12/23/01 When do you next plan to upgrade your computer?
12/22/01 What is your least favorite part of the holidays?
12/21/01 What is the 'strangest' holiday you ever spent...doing what?
12/20/01 How many of your 2001 New Year's resolutions were you able to keep all year?
12/19/01 Have you ever had a pen-pal?
12/18/01 Do you have a webpage and if so, what is the address?
12/17/01 Are you giving any homemade gifts this Christmas, Hannukah, etc.?
12/16/01 Who is your favorite comedian?
12/15/01 Does anybody's opinions (if so, who) hold a lot of influence over you?
12/14/01 Who (or what) would you vote for as Time's person (or thing) of the year?
12/13/01 Was there a time when you felt especially proud?
12/12/01 Do you live nearer the equator or the pole?
12/11/01 What kind of trophy would you like to win?
12/10/01 If you had to move and could take only three things with you, what would you choose?
12/9/01 What would you like to invent to make life better?
12/8/01 What is your favorite room in your house?
12/7/01 If you had a theme song, what would it be?
12/6/01 Do you have a favorite screensaver?
12/5/01 What is your favorite holiday song / music?
12/4/01 What is the number one item on your Holiday gift list?
12/3/01 How do you decorate for the winter holidays?
112/2/01 What is your favorite winter holiday tradition?
12/1/01 Do you wear perfume/cologne on a daily basis?
11/30/01 Do you usually eat till you're full or just eat till you're not hungry anymore?
11/29/01 What was your last nightmare?
11/28/01 What are you currently reading?
11/27/01 What was the last good movie you saw?
11/26/01 How diverse is your group of friends?
11/25/01 What is the newest skill you have acquired?
11/24/01 Are you a virgin?
11/23/01 What colors do you wear most often?
11/22/01 How much time do you waste at work?
11/21/01 When is suicide ok?
11/20/01 What operating system does your computer use(Mac, Windows, Linux)?
11/19/01 Are you pensive?
11/18/01 How much memory does your computer have?
11/17/01 In general, are you more of a leader or a follower?
11/16/01 What do you think of the idea of "homeland security"?
11/15/01 Are you squeamish?
11/14/01 Overall, how satisfied are you with yourself (and your life)?
11/13/01 How would you describe your oddest relative?
11/12/01 How much time every day do you spend grooming?
11/11/01 Would you die for your country?
11/10/01 What is the minimum of shelter that society is required to provide for every human being?
11/9/01 If a bum on the street asks you for money, do you give any to him/her?
11/8/01 Do you like math?
11/7/01 Did/Will/Are you go(ing) to college? What did/will/are you study(ing)?
11/6/01 Do you wear a watch?
11/5/01 Do you live in anethnically/racially diverse area?
11/4/01 What did you order the last time you ate a meal at a restaurant?
11/3/01 What games did you play as a child?
11/2/01 If you had a choice between a long uneventful life, or a short glory filled life, which would you choose?
11/1/01 You're transported back into the Ancient Roman era, would you be watching the Gladiator fights, trying to free the lions, or congratulating yourself on scoring such good seats to the competition?
10/31/01 Are you worried about chemical or biological terrorism (either domestic, or foreign)?
10/30/01 Who's the cutest superhero?
10/29/01 What's your idea of a great vacation?
10/28/01 Did you buy or lease your car?
10/27/01 Are you worried about future terrorists attacks?
10/26/01 If you are going to wear a costum for Halloween, what would it be?
10/25/01 Does anything haunt you?
10/24/01 How would you help a grieving friend?
10/23/01 How do you keep abreast of current events?
10/22/01 What are your views on marijuana (as a whole and thorough perspective)?
10/21/01 What do you think about the use of face recoginition software in public spaces?
10/20/01 Do you have a temper? If yes, what do you do to calm yourself down?
10/19/01 If you drive a car, what kind is it?
10/18/01 Which is the more important quality in a mate: Good looks, or a good brain?
10/17/01 Would you rather be brilliant or popular?
10/16/01 What brings you joy?
10/15/01 To whom do you tell your secret?
10/14/01 How would you describe your best friend?
10/13/01 What do you think about military forces in the streets and other public spaces such as airports?
10/12/01 What is your favorite comfort food?
10/11/01 Would you be in favor of a required National Idendity Card that all residents must register for?
10/10/01 What is the most important thing you do at work or school?
10/9/01 Do you ever have nightmares about the terrorist attacks on September 11?
10/8/01 Are you for or against a war with Afghanistan?
10/7/01 If you were in the rest room at work or school, heard shots fired outside in the hall, then heard your best friend calling for help, would you go out and help or hide inside the room?
10/6/01 Do you snore?
10/5/01 Do you ever give gifts anonymously?
10/4/01 Have you ever received an award?
10/3/01 What did you do with your tax refund?
10/2/01 Have you ever taken part in a protest rally?
10/1/01 Do you think NYC should rebuild a similar World Trade Center?
9/30/01 Do you fault the captian and co-pilot of the Delta flight recently, when they asked the foreign passenger to leave the plane before it took off?
9/29/01 What do you use more for talking to friends/family: The telephone or the computer?
9/28/01 Do you have any reoccuring dreams? If so, what are they?
9/27/01 Are you mad at anyone or is anyone mad at you right now?
9/26/01 If you could do something right now, spur of the moment, what would it be?
9/25/01 If you could take back making any purchase, what would it be?
9/24/01 If you could buy something you once decided not to buy, what would it be?
9/23/01 What are you looking forward to?
9/22/01 What do you know about Islam?
9/21/01 Does God need the Devil?
9/20/01 What is the cleverest answering machine message you've heard?
9/19/01 Given that you had the funds, would you invest in the US stock market at this moment?
9/18/01 Those who worked on Wall Street, went back to work Monday. If you lived in downtown New York City would you be able to go back to 'work as usual'?
9/17/01 What was something enjoyable you did this past weekend?
9/16/01 How are you feeling?
9/15/01 If it was up to you, what would be your response to attacks on NYC and DC?
9/14/01 How are your friends and loved ones who may have been in NYC or Washington?
9/13/01 What were your thoughts when you first saw the images of the World Trade Center on Tuesday?
9/12/01 I realize that not everyone on this list is an American, but all the same, do you feel America is reacting well to the attacks made Tuesday?
9/11/01 How do you feel about globalization and the World Trade Organization (WTO)?
9/10/01 How many times in your life have you moved?
9/09/01 Should the United States have boycotted/pulled out of the United Nations Conference on Racism?
9/08/01 What are you tired of doing?
9/07/01 How do you throw a party?
9/06/01 What is the best thing about Fall?
9/05/01 Do you ever not answer a question because you are afraid of how others @ this website will react to your answers?
9/04/01 Do you hold a grudge?
9/03/01 What is the hardest job you have ever done?
9/02/01 Do you think Gary Condit had anything to do with the disappearance of Shandra Levy?
9/01/01 Who is your favorite movie hero?
8/31/01 Are there any honest politicians today?
8/30/01 Do you think cell-phone use should be unlawful in cars?
8/29/01 Do you drink the recommended eight glasses of water daily?
8/28/01 What do you feel about McDonalds admitting the use of beef-fat in their french fries?
8/27/01 What is happening outside of your country right now?
8/26/01 If you won the Powerball Lottery (currently $280M), how would you spend it?
8/25/01 Are you an impulsive person?
8/24/01 Do any particular teachers of your past or present schooling stick out in your mind as being extraordinary teachers?
8/23/01 If your country were to change its National Anthem, what patriotic song would you choose?
8/22/01 If you were invisible, like the guy in Hollow Man, what would you do?
8/21/01 Do you like to pull (or have pulled on you) practical jokes?
8/20/01 Do you have or are you going to get a tattoo? If so, where will it be on your body and what will it be a picture of (or what will it say)?
8/19/01 What is your favorite type of pizza (topping-wise)?
8/18/01 How many email addresses do you have?
8/17/01 Of the many stories in the past few years that the media has gone overboard on (OJ Simpson, Jon Benet Ramsey, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Elian Gonzales, Shandra Levy, etc.), does any one stand out in your mind as being particularly sickening?
8/16/01 Do you ever play computer games? Which one(s)?
8/15/01 What smells (if any) do you enjoy?
8/14/01 If you could have the government stop paying for one thing what would it be?
8/13/01 When was the last moment of inner peace you remember?
8/12/01 What religious / spiritual texts do you read on a regular basis?
8/11/01 Regarding those routine online forms companies have you fill out for all sorts of reasons, what information is too private to give them?
8/10/01 Have you ever been surprised by an answer (or answers) to a question on this website?
8/0901 What's the nicest thing anybody said to you?
8/08/01 What's your zip / postal code?
8/07/01 Seen any good movies lately?
8/06/01 If you caught your best friend's spouse cheating on him/her, would you tell your friend?
8/05/01 Is there anything you have a hard time dealing with?
8/04/01 Do you meditate?
8/03/01 If you were in high school, and a teacher in your school had a sex-change operation, then came back to teach at your school, how would you react?
8/02/01 If you are what you eat, what are you?
8/01/01 What are you compulsive about?
7/31/01 What is the worst book of the 20th century?
7/30/01 Cave diving has been called the world's most hazardous sport. Would you do think?
7/29/01 Do you go to the public library in your town often?
7/28/01 What is the most dangerous thing to a personal relationship?
7/27/01 What natural environment most appeals to you?
7/26/01 What is your favorite type of sandwich?
7/25/01 What is your most valued family heirloom?
7/24/01 What will your funeral be like?
7/23/01 What is the best thing about small towns?
7/22/01 What is the best memory you have of your Dad?
7/21/01 What is your favorite summer food?
7/20/01 How hot is too hot?
7/19/01 Where do you work and how much do you get paid?
7/18/01 What do you think of President Bush's performance as President so far?
717/01 Do clothes make the man?
7/16/01 Is Barbie a good role model for girls?
7/15/01 What do you think it means to be "cool"?
7/14/01 What is your most prized posession?
7/13/01 Are you superstitious?
7/12/01 Do you have pets?
7/11/01 Who do you consider the most evil person ever?
7/10/01 If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?
7/09/01 What do you feel about high school aged professional athletes (like inTennis, and the NBA)?
7/08/01 If, several thousand years in the future, archeologists found remnants of your life, the only evidence of this time period, what conclusions would they make about people who lived in this time (based on what they found about you)?
7/07/01 Do you know the full names of your parents and grandparents?
7/06/01 What do you think the future will be like?
7/05/01 What impresses you (if anything?)
7/04/01 What are the chances of a revolution occuring in your country within the next 50 to 100 years?
7/03/01 How are you going to celebrate Indendence Day?
7/02/01 What is your favorite flower?
7/01/01 Have you ever had to give a speech/presentation in front of a group (for schoo/work)? If so, how did you like it?
6/30/01 Do you think non-human life forms will ever be discovered on other planets?
6/29/01 Do you feel that your dreams mean anything?
6/28/01 How often do you answer the daily question?
6/27/01 What do YOU think was the worst moment in rock 'n' roll history?
6/26/01 What is the fastest you've ever driven in a street-legal car on a road?
6/25/01 What is your best "grandma" memory?
6/24/01 If you were one of the characters on the Brady Bunch, which one would you be?
6/23/01 In this day and age, would you give CPR to an accident victim if there was blood on their face?
6/22/01 What do you think of the teenagers today?
6/21/01 How do you feel about children skipping grades at school?
6/20/01 What community amenities or facilities are most important to you?
6/19/01 Are there any medical or health issues that limit you?
6/18/01 Would you rather work alone or with others?
6/17/01 What makes a serial killer?
6/16/01 If you could design your own personal bumper sticker, what would it say?
6/15/01 Who (or what) do you love?
6/14/01 What is your favored form of communication?
6/13/01 Would you watch an execution if you had the chance?
6/12/01 If you had been given up for adoption as an infant, would you now search out your birth parent?
6/11/01 Would you give your child DNA treatments to increase his / her IQ to above genius level?
6/10/01 How do you 'have fun'?
6/9/01 What is your favorite current sports star?
6/8/01 How clean and safe is your drinking water?
6/7/01 In terms of music, did video kill the radio star?
6/6/01 How often to you run on auto-pilot?
6/5/01 Do you like the animated Disney movies?
6/4/01 Are you an environmentalist?
6/3/01 Does changing your language change your thought?
6/2/01 How do you treat the people that love you more than you love them?
6/1/01 Are you a party animal?
5/31/01 What is the best way to end the battle for Jerusalem?
5/30/01 What's your least favourite type of music and why?
5/29/01 Would you except "genetic therapies" or DNA treatments to extend your life by 100 years?
5/28/01 Do you know anyone who has been in a war or at least seen combat duty?
5/27/01 What is it about summer that you wait for?
5/26/01 What is your animal / pet story?
5/25/01 What is the best thing that happened to you today?
5/24/01 What are your plans for the weekend?
5/23/01 How would having no Internet access impact your daily routine?
5/22/01 Have you ever encountered road rage?
5/21/01 Do you like cartoons?
5/20/01 If you had to eat one food for lunch for the rest of your life, what would it be?
5/19/01 If you had your choice, what time period would you have liked to lived in?
5/18/01 Have you ever contemplated suicide?
5/17/01 You are playing the game of Life and are given the chance to have the gift behind one of three doors: behind one is $50,000,000, behind another is $100,000, and behind the third is a tiger, set to devour you. Do you choose one of the doors or do you quit?
5/16/01 What routine, if any, do you follow in the morning?
5/15/01 What do you think is your BEST physical quality?
5/14/01 Will you be here on the 2000th day?
5/13/01 How old were you when you received (or gave) your first kiss?
5/12/01 What sort of relationship do you/did you have with your parents?
5/11/01 What is your secret dream (if you have one)?
5/10/01 Do you think genetically modified foods are safe for you and the environment?
5/09/01 What's your idea of heaven?
5/08/01 What do you like best about your job?
5/07/01 If you had a Monkey's paw, and it granted you three wishes, what would they be?
5/06/01 What physical characteristics or personality traits do you wish you had inherited from your other parent?
5/05/01 Do you think Timothy McVeigh's execution should be televised?
5/04/01 If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
5/03/01 Have you ever been seriously upset or angered by a question asked here, or any of the responses?
5/02/01 What sort of teenager were you and how does that differ from your personality now?
5/01/01 How do you deal with your anger?
4/30/01 How to you respond to stress?
4/29/01 What is your opinion on bisexuality?
4/28/01 Do you feel that football is a dangerous sport for teenagers?
4/27/01 Do you pray?
4/26/01 Have you, or would you, ever run for public office?
4/25/01 Would you describe your experiences in high school as "the best times of your life?"
4/24/01 If you were on Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire, who would you choose to be your life-lines, and why?
4/23/01 What are your favorite musical artists and what is it about them that you like?
4/22/01 What was the single most frightening moment of your life?
4/21/01 Do you have any allergies?
4/20/01 Do you think you can train a pet to listen better than a child?
4/19/01 Do you ever submit questions to this website? Why or why not?
4/18/01 Do you ever get very tired and drowsy at work or school and what, if anything,do you do about it?
4/17/01 What is your favorite thing about spring?
4/16/01 Do you think it matters what you wear to a job interview?
4/15/01 What are your thoughts on the resurrection of Christ?
4/14/01 Do you believe in the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes?
4/13/01 Do you consider yourself a success?
4/12/01 What are you thoughts on ritelin and other such medications to calm kids?
4/11/01 Have you ever investigated the Vegetarian lifestyle?
4/10/01 If your only option to have children was to clone yourself, would you?
4/09/01 If you were near death and desparately needed a heart transplant, would you except an organ donation from a pig?
4/08/01 What ideals do you have that don't have a chance?
4/07/01 In a perfect world, who would you be?
4/06/01 Do any of the vitamins you take make you feel any better or worse?
4/05/01 What language would you learn if you could learn a language overnight?
4/04/01 What are your 'hot buttons'?
4/03/01 Do you have any enemies?
4/02/01 What color is your hair?
4/01/01 What was the last design / decorative project that you worked on?
3/31/01 If you were to make a documentary, what would it be about?
3/30/01 What do you know about your neighbors?
3/29/01 If you could embroider an old-fashioned sampler with a moral text, what would that text be?
3/28/01 What did your parents want you to become?
3/27/01 What type of movies do you like to watch?
3/26/01 What are your feelings about using animals for medical research?
3/25/01 You are offered $10,000 to hire the boss' nephew (who is incompetent), and threatened with a demotion if you don't. What do you do?
3/24/01 What are your Oscar picks?
3/23/01 How do you feel about legislation regarding hate crimes?
3/22/01 Are you planning to take a vacation this year. If so, where?
3/21/01 What do you like best in yourself?
3/20/01 What is your favorite charity?
3/19/01 To what extent do you think people are controlled by the media?
3/18/01 How many people do you know that either have or have died of AIDS?
3/17/01 Who are you?
3/16/01 Do you "pump iron"?
3/15/01 What quality do you like the least in yourself?
3/14/01 What decisions should NOT be left to the free market / commercial realm?
3/13/01 Have you ever fainted and if so, what were the circumstances?
3/12/01 Have you ever met anybody famous/well known? If so, who?
3/11/01 What do you think is the underlying cause of the recent school shootings?
3/10/01 Have you ever visited a National Park?
3/9/01 Would you rather go to a restaurant or stay home to eat?
3/8/01 What is your favorite caffeinated beverage?
3/7/01 What was / is your favorite subject in school?
3/6/01 Would you rather have time or money?
3/5/01 How tall are you?
3/4/01 Do you ever go camping in a recreational vehicle?
3/3/01 Do you ever feel invisible?
3/2/01 Do you believe in bigfoot, aliens, the Lochness Monster, or anything supernatural?
3/1/01 Have you gained /lost a significant amount of weight?
2/28/01 Have you ever gotten in a fight and who won?
2/27/01 If a family member comitted a terrible crime (murder etc), and you knew about it, would you turn them in?
2/26/01 Do you have children?
2/25/01 What was your worst memory of high school?
2/24/01 Do you believe in an afterlife?
2/23/01 Do you wear a uniform to work and, if so, what do you think of it?
2/22/01 Do you plan on becoming an organ donor?
2/21/01 Would you quit your job to follow your dream?
2/20/01 How many of your skills will be obsolete in 5 years?
2/19/01 Who was the most important elected leader in your country's history?
2/18/01 What moves you?
2/17/01 Are you going to do your taxes yourself or pay someone else to do them?
2/16/01 What of interest happened to you today?
2/15/01 If you could have the skills of a professional athelete, what position and sport would you pick?
2/14/01 What are your Valentine's Day plans?
2/13/01 What are the current threats to freedom of expression?
2/12/01 Do you believe in love at first sight?
2/11/01 What disgusts you?
2/10/01 What household chore do you most enjoy?
2/9/01 What type of vehicle do you drive and from 1-10 how do you rate it overall?
2/8/01 What is one "science fiction" invention (no matter how far fetched) that you would like to see become reality?
2/7/01 If you could only own what you could carry, what would you own?
2/6/01 What is the best thing about a snow day (or an unexpected day off due to natural forces)?
2/5/01 Which musical instrument would you like to be able to play?
2/4/01 Should condoms/information on STD's and pregnancy be made readily to students in schools?
2/3/01 Do you handle criticism well?
2/2/01 How do you feel about "political correctness"?
2/1/01 Do you belong to a Fitness Center/Health Club?
1/31/01 Do you belive a parent should have the right to spank his or her misbehaving child?
1/30/01 If you could trade place with somebody, who would it be?
1/29/01 What is the most difficult math you can do right now?
1/28/01 If a storm knocked out the electricity to your home for a month, how would you fare in general?
1/27/01 If you had to choose between a lifelong friend and love, which would you choose?
1/26/01 Would be willing to go on Temptation island?
1/25/01 Have you ever been on TV and why?
1/24/01 Which section of the newspaper do you turn to first?
1/23/01 What would you think if abortion was illegal where you live?
1/22/01 What famous person gets on your nerves?
1/21/01 Is abstaining still the safest "sex"?
1/20/01 Do you prefer to shower in the evening or the morning?
1/19/01 What fiction Genre do you spend the most time with?
1/18/01 If you were reincarnated as an animal, what kind of animal would you be and why?
1/17/01 Do you keep a journal?
1/16/01 How often do you buy groceries?
1/15/01 Has Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's dream come to pass?
1/14/01 Have you had any major surgery?
1/13/01 When was the turning point in your life (if you had one)?
1/12/01 Will electric cars ever catch on?
1/11/01  What color looks terrible on you?

1/10/01      Do you believe standardized tests accurately judge a person's intelligence?

1/9/01        Have you ever worn braces for your teeth?

1/8/01        Now that you've had more of a chance to get to "know" the people that submit to this web page, does any individual(s) stand out in your mind?

1/7/01        What does it mean to you to be religious?

1/6/01         Do you believe in astrology?

1/5/01          If you could choose to live without one of the 5 senses, smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing, which would you chose and why?

1/4/01         What would you change if you were president?

1/3/01          Do you think that online dating is an unhealthy flaw in today's society?

1/2/01          What are you New Year's resolutions?

1/1/01          How did you celebrate New Year's Eve?

12/31/00      Has the year 2000 been what you thought it would be?

12/30/00                     What do you want to take with you into the next year?

12/29/00                      What do you want to leave behind you from this last year?

12/28/00                    What is one thing you would like to say to someone in your life right now that haven't? 

12/27/00                       Who is one person from your past that you would like to speak to now?

12/26/00                      What has been the most beautiful moment of this past year?

12/25/00                      What is your winter holiday celebration?

12/24/00                       What is the most unusual gift you got for christmas and who from?

12/23/00                       What is the most unusual gift you bought someone else for Christmas?

12/22/00                        What was the most important thing, event, idea of the last year?

12/21/00                       If you were to name a "Time" person of the year, who would it be?

12/20/00                         Have you ever wanted to drop out of society?

12/19/00                         Have you ever done anything you regretted at a holiday party and what was it?

12/18/00                         Should children be taught to believe in Santa Claus?

12/17/00                          What is your biggest goal in life?

12/16/00                         Do you think that the world's major problems are bringing us closer as a race?

12/15/00                        What is your favorite holiday song?

12/14/00                        Now that it seems over, what do you think about the U.S. Presidential election?

12/13/00                        Has anybody ever had a crush on you?

12/12/00                       How do you think the end of the world will happen?

12/11/00                       When did you last have a crush on someone?

12/10/00                       What is your biggest worry?

12/9/00                         How many hours of work do you average per week?

12/8/00                        What is your favorite zoo animal?

12/7/00                         Do you play the lottery?

12/6/00                         Where would you like to go on vacation and what would you like to do there?

12/5/00                          What are you reading right now?

12/4/00                          Do you own or have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?

12/3/00                          What do others in the world think about your country?

12/2/00                         What is your favorite TV commercial?

12/1/00                          Do you take any vitamins on a daily basis?

11/30/00                        What is your favorite time of day?

11/29/00                        What tools do you own?

11/28/00                        When's the last time you were sick?

11/27/00                        Why do you fail?

11/26/00                       Do you prefer wallpaper or painted walls?

11/25/00                      Can you dance?

11/24/00                       What is the most plausible scenario for you becoming famous?

11/23/00                      What are you thankful for?

11/22/00                      How would you define love?

11/21/00                      Would you do the work you do now, if you had $500,000 in the bank?

11/20/00                     Do you eat wild game?

11/19/00                    How many pairs of footware do you own?

11/18/00                     Do you believe in assisted suicide?

11/17/00                    What's the most rebellious thing you've ever done?

11/16/00                    From one to ten, ten being the greatest, how would you rate the importance the job you do in your company?

11/15/00                    How is the world changed?

11/14/00                    Would you rather have a smart liar or a stupid honest guy lead your country?

11/13/00                   How do you relax?

11/12/00                  What is the most shocking crime which has ever occurred in your town or city?

11/11/00                    Would you die for your country?

11/10/00                    What kinds of products do you purchase online?

11/9/00                     Is it better to be a hammer or a nail?

11/8/00                      Would you rather answer a question about your sex life or your finances?

11/7/00                     Do you write snail mail anymore or do you mainly rely on email?

11/6/00                     What's your biggest pet peeve?

11/5/00                     What is the most embarrassing thing you have done for love?

11/4/00                     What is the greatest physical pain you have ever felt?

11/3/00                     What is the scariest movie you ever saw?

11/2/00                    Do you think our society is too specialized and fragmented?   

11/1/00                    Who do you know that could be described as a living "saint"?

10/31/00                  What is the most other-worldly experience you have ever had?

10/30/00                  What is your best memory of grade school?

10/29/00                   The boss is holding a manadatory Halloween Costume Party. What costume will you choose and why?

10/28/00                    What literary characters do you identify with?

10/27/00                    To browse the web, do you use Netscape, Internet Explorer, or something else?

10/26/00                    At what age do you consider that old age begins?

10/25/00                    When do you think youth ends?

10/24/00                    How often do you fly?

10/23/00                   What is the one question everyone should be asked in a job inteview?

10/22/00                  Do you believe in Karma?

10/21/00                  When's the last time you were offended and why?

10/20/00                  What is your opinion of gays in the military?

10/19/00                  Who was your favorite teacher and why?

10/18/00                   How do you feel about pornography?

10/17/00                  What is the song that annoys you the most?

10/16/00                   Do you know anyone in law enforcement?

10/15/00                  Do you attend religious services regularly?

10/14/00                  What scares you?

10/13/00                  How much power do you have?

10/12/00                   If you could build your dream house, where would it be and what would it look like?

10/11/00                   What is under your bed?

10/10/00                   What is your definition of a cult?

10/9/00                      What do you think about having a national holiday that celebrates a world explorer like Columbus?

10/8/00                     What music did you listen to last?

10/7/00                      What do you think about Napster?

10/6/00                      Should morality be relative or absolute?

10/5/00                     What is the greatest act of conspicuous consumption you've ever been part of?

10/4/00                     Who would you ask to help you dispose of a body?

10/3/00                    What are the local political issues in your area?

10/2/00                   Have you ever lived in a foreign country and if so, what did you like best about it?

10/1/00                    To what extent do you think Orwell's 1984 has come true?

9/30/00                    Do you talk more about goals or dreams?

9/29/00                    Are you in love right now?

9/28/00                   How would you describe yourself to a blind person?

9/27/00                    What conspiracies do you believe in?

9/26/00                    How do you feel about cosmetic surgery?

9/25/00                    What is your definition of paganism?

9/24/00                    Do you have any allergies?

9/23/00                    How often do you eat out?

9/22/00                    What was the last moral dilemma you faced?

9/21/00                    Can you name a benefit of smoking?

9/20/00                    What is your definition of committment?

9/19/00                     Are you a member of any clubs?

9/18/00                    How much cash do you have in your wallet, purse, or pocket right now?

9/17/00                   What is the story you are dying to tell the world?

9/16/00                   Is cloning technology immoral?

9/15/00                    What are your thoughts on reality-based TV programs?

9/14/00                   What was your last vacation like?

9/13/00                   What did you receive in the mail today?

9/12/00                    If you could enact one law, what would it be?

9/11/00                    Are you for or against same-sex marriages?

9/10/00                What woman/women do you consider most significant in the history of Western Civilization?

9/9/00                     What do people commonly assume about you to be true?

9/8/00                      How do you feel about your job?

9/7/00                     What are some sayings/cliches you frequently use?

9/6/00                     Do you have any sleep disorders?

9/5/00                     Where do you stand on Public Displays of Affection?

9/4/00                      Is money the root of all evil?

9/3/00                    Are you a homophobe?

9/2/00                    How should artists be funded?

9/1/00                    What is your story of technology doing good?

8/31/00                  What would you kill for?

8/30/00                  Have you ever fear for you life?

8/29/00                  What time do you wake up in the morning?

8/28/00                  What is a wish that you are careful not to wish for too hard least you get it?

8/27/00                   Who do you love?

8/26/00                   Who made the greatest impact on your life?

8/25/00                   What is a society's responsibility to "the poor"?

8/24/00                 How many different places have you lived in?

8/23/00                  What is your all-time favorite song and why?

8/22/00                  What do you consider your most outstanding and admirable virtue?

8/21/00                   Do you have a favorite Olympic event (suimmer or winter)?

8/20/00                    What is a typical Sunday like for you?

8/19/00                   What were you thinking about 1 minute ago?

8/18/00                   What does 'home' mean to you?

8/17/00                   What would you do if your mate slept with another?

8/16/00                  When is fraternization ok?

8/15/00                  What's the best advice someone has ever given you?

8/14/00                  What can not be forgiven?

8/13/00                  What is heaven like?

8/12/00                How do you judge if a net persona (age, gender, location, etc) matches the real persona?

8/11/00                 Do you learn best by watching, listening or doing?

8/10/00                 What are appropriate activities for government to be involved in?

8/9/00                   What are five words that appeal you?

8/8/00                   What kind of relationships do you have with your neighbors?

8/7/00                  What is the most creative thing you use your computer for?

8/6/00                  If you were on the show Survivor, and were allowed only one luxury item what would it be?

8/5/00                  What was your first job?

8/4/00                   Do you vote?

8/3/00                Should artists be held responsible for public reaction to their works?

8/2/00                Do you own a video camera and if so how much do you use it?

8/1/00                How often do you lie?

7/31/00             What was the last book you read?

7/30/00             Excepting a computer, what was the last tool you used?

7/29/00             Would you be willing to live in the "Big Brother" house?

7/28/00             How was your main meal today prepared?

7/27/00            What pictures to you have on your walls?

7/26/00             If you could meet anyone submitting to this list, who would it be and why?

7/25/00            What has been your greatest disillusionment so far?

7/24/00             What object captures the values of your culture?

7/23/00             Are most people honest?

7/22/00            What is hell like?

7/21/00            What article of clothing will you never give away?

7/20/00           Who are the evilest people alive today?

7/19/00            What dreams do you remember?

7/18/00           What is in your basement or attic right now?

7/17/00           Would you want to know the precise day of your death?

7/16/00           Where do you stand on aliens?

7/15/00          How much television do you watch?

7/14/00          Would you be more effective in a Star Trek, Star Wars or Tolkien universe?

7/13/00          How many pickup trucks would it take to haul all your stuff?

7/12/00          What is your favorite board game?

7/11/00            What is the most embarassing album/cd in your collection?

7/10/00            What is the best compliment you ever received?

7/9/00             What is in your medicine cabinet?

7/8/00              What is in your fridge right now?

7/7/00             What are your thoughts on capital punishment?

7/6/00             Do you trust your mechanic?

7/5/00             If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one new ability or quality, what would it be?

7/4/00             What is your Independence Day Celebration?

7/3/00            Do you trust the police?

7/2/00              Have you ever killed a mammal?

7/1/00             If you could keep only one piece of jewelry what would it be?

6/30/00            How many friends do you have?

6/29/00          Where do you make the tradeoff between form and function?

6/28/00           What do you do to impress others?

6/27/00           Are you a day person or a night person?

6/26/00           What event marks your entry into adulthood?

6/25/00            If you could metamorphosis into anything, what would it be?

6/24/00          Should children be taught to believe in the tooth fairy?

6/23/00          What is your favorite movie and why?

6/22/00            What is the closest thing you have to a clinical phobia?

6/21/00            What from your cultural / ethnic heritage is alive an well in you today?

6/20/00           How does religion play a role in your life?

6/19/00          If you could eat any meal right now, what would it be?

6/18/00          What would you like to read in your next fortune cookie?

6/17/00          Are you dieting?

6/16/00          When do you sleep?

6/15/00          What kind of political system would you consider nearly perfect?

6/14/00          Why are you contributing to the 2000 Day project?

6/13/00         What are your thoughts on abortion?

6/12/00          What makes you cry?

6/11/00          What drugs have you or do you use?

6/10/00          What is your date, year, and place of birth?

6/9/00            How do you keep cool in the summer?

6/8/00            What is it you value in a life mate?

6/7/00            How often do you check your email?

6/6/00            Have you ever fired a gun?

6/5/00           What is on your nightstand?

6/4/00            Do you wear a watch?

6/3/00           Where does most of the pollution in the air you breath come from?

6/2/00            What is your stance on cell phones?

6/1/00            What did you have for breakfast today?

5/31/00          What is your most memorable toy?

5/30/00         What are your thoughts on the military?

5/29/00         Do you consider yourself a happy person?

5/28/00         Have you ever dabbled in the occult?

5/27/00         What is your favorite sport?

5/26/00        What type of beach do you prefer?

5/25/00        What is your typical commute to work, school, daily gig like?

5/24/00        What is your personal connection to other conbributors to this project?

5/23/00        If you were given $l,000,000 to donate to a charity of your choice, what would that charity be?

5/22/00         What is the last animated movie you saw?

5/21/00        What cartoon character is most like you?

5/20/00        How much free time do you have?

5/19/00         If you could talk to yourself as a 10 year old for 10 seconds, what would you say?

5/18/00        If Satan appeared to you right now, what would Satan say to you?

5/17/00         What is community to you?

5/16/00         Do you have a car story? If so, what is it?   

5/15/00         Do you believe in life after death?

5/14/00         What is the best thing about your mother?

5/13/00         What ethnic group are you most predujiced against?

5/12/00        Who is your favorite artist and why?

5/11/00         Do you co-habit with a pet?

5/10/00         Have you ever rendered first aid in an emergency situation?

5/9/00         If you had to perform community service, what would you choose to do?

5/8/00         What is in your pocket right now?

5/7/00          What skill that you possess are you most proud of?

5/6/00          How big is your wardrobe?

5/5/00          Any plans for the summer yet?

5/4/00         What disease do you fear most?

5/3/00          Which of the 10 commandments have you broken?

5/2/00          If it's true that you are what you eat, then what are you?

5/1/00          What would make a work environment ideal for you?

4/30/00        What real or mythical streets resonate with your imagination?

4/29/00        How do you like your coffee?

4/28/00         What book(s) are you currently reading?

4/27/00         What are your thoughts on the "new economy"?

4/26/00         What mythological beast would you most fancy as a house pet?

4/25/00         How long have you been single / married?

4/24/00        Where's the farthest you have ever travelled?

4/23/00         If you had to die for something / someone, what or who would it be?

4/22/00        Where might you live in 20 years and why?

4/21/00          What does your living space consist of?

4/20/00         What do you consider to be the first signs of spring?

4/19/00         What is your fashion style like?

4/18/00         What is the highest level of education you have completed?

4/17/00         What is your favorite smell?

4/16/00         Do you recylce?

4/15/00         What was your first real romantic kiss like?

4/14/00         What is the criteria for a right act?

4/13/00         What is the craziest thing you ever did?

4/12/00       With what Greek/Roman god(dess) do you identify yourself most?

4/11/00        Would you rather be able to swim like a fish or fly like a bird?

4/10/00        What should people pay more attention to?

4/9/00          Are you planning a garden this year?

4/8/00         What is your remedy for a sore throat?

4/7/00          Do you believe in global warming?

4/6/00         What must you accomplished to consider yourself a success?

4/5/00         What do you collect?

4/4/00         When was the last time you saw a play and what was it?

4/3/00          What's the most memorable thing you've ever seen on television?

4/2/00         What other websites do you visit frequently?

4/1/00          What is "walking distance?"

3/31/00        What do you think the future might consider disturbing and immoral about our time period?"

3/30/00        What does the area around your computer look like?

3/29/00        Where do you get most of your information from?

3/28/00        What is your favorite type of weather?

3/27/00        Is there any subject you love to debate?

3/26/00        What are you most proud of?

3/25/00        How do you listen to music?

3/24/00        What have you purchased in the last week?

3/23/00        Are you left-handed or right-handed?    

3/22/00        What is you most valuable possession?

3/21/00       What three things about your body would you change?

3/20/00       What about you would surprise other people?

3/19/00       If you knew you could get a well-paying job in any field, what would it be?

3/18/00      If you could go back in time and have lunch with 4 famous people, who would they be?

3/17/00     What is your beverage of choice when out at a bar or other drinking establishment?

3/16/00      What is your fondest childhood memory?

3/15/00      What would it take to make you happy as a ghost?

3/14/00      If you could ask ONE question and receive the absolute truth, what would you ask?

3/13/00      If you could live in any time, anywhere, which would you choose and why?

3/12/00      What was the worst invention of the 20th century?

3/11/00      What is the mentally most difficult thing you have ever done?

3/10/00      What is your favorit poem? (attached if you like)

3/9/00        How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

3/8/00        What is your definition of democracy?

3/7/00        Who is your favorite author?

3/6/00        What's your favorite snack food?

3/5/00        What is the toughest choice you ever had to make?

3/4/00        What are your thoughts on the rights of individuals to own guns?

3/3/00        What mannerism, or speech habit of other people annoys you the most?

3/2/00        What is a guilty pleasure you have?

3/1/00         What rituals do you go through before you go to sleep?

2/29/00      If you created a Leap Day celebration, what would it look like?

2/28/00      What is your rigorous physical activity of choice (some call it exercise)?

2/27/00      How many electronic communication devices do you have?

2/26/00      Who has had the most influence in your life?

2/25/00      If you swapped gender for a day, what do you think you would find out about being the opposite sex?

2/24/00      If you were only allowed 5 CDs for the rest of your life, which ones would they be?

2/23/00      If you could add one more holiday to the calendar what would it be?

2/22/00     If you could meet any famous person, who would it be and why?

2/21/00      If you were the leader of your country, what would be your number one priority?

2/20/00      What do you see when you look out the window you look out most often?

2/19/00      What did/do you want to be when you grew/grow up?

2/18/00     If you could pick your own name, what would you choose?

2/17/00     What are you wearing right now?

2/16/00     How far do you live from work / school / your daily gig?

2/15/00     What does beauty mean to you?

2/14/00     What is YOUR Love Story?

2/13/00      What form of entertainment will you never understand or see the attraction to?

2/12/00     What is the worst movie you ever saw?

2/11/00     What is the most physically taxing thing you have ever done?

2/10/00      What do you like or hate about the city?

2/9/00        What is a regular dream for you?

2/8/00        What newspapers/magazines do you read on a regular basis?

2/7/00         What is the best thing that ever happened to you?

2/6/00        Where do you get your energy?

2/5/00        What is in your wallet, purse, or bag at this moment?

2/4/00        Besides your own, what cultures do you most appreciate and why?

2/3/00        What film of the last 100 years sums up the tone and character of the last 100 years the best?

2/2/00        What is one thing you regret and why?

2/1/00        How would you like to be reincarnated?

1/31/00      What do you do for a living?

1/30/00      What did you eat for your main meal today?

1/29/00      What sort of neurotic tendencies do you have?

1/28/00      Why is today's society so obsessed with celebrities?

1/27/00      What is the worst job you ever had and why?

1/26/00      What is the best birthday present you could receive?

1/25/00      Why did you get out of bed today?

1/24/00      Who is you hero and why?

1/23/00      What did you do this weekend?

1/22/00       Do you indulge yourself with any pet superstitions?

1/21/00       What are the qualities of a great leader?

1/20/00       If you absolutely, positively, had to choose an age to die, what year would it be and why?

1/19/00       What book changed your life?

1/18/00       What is the one thing you'd change about yourself?

1/17/00        If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

1/16/00        What is your earliest memory?

1/15/00         What class do you think everyone should have to pass before they could be considered an adult?

1/14/00      If some legal, political, social or medical condition required you to have a 2 inch by 2 inch tattoo in the middle of your forehead, what tattoo would you choose?

1/13/00      What 5 questions would you ask of the list?

1/12/00      What would you put on your gravestone?

1/11/00     How much wealth would be enough for you?

1/10/00     If you knew that you were to live forever what would you change about your life?

1/09/00     Why do you live where you do?

1/08/00     How has death touched you?

1/07/00     What did you make today?

1/06/00     What is the last thing you read that had impact and why?

1/05/00      Who is in your family?

1/04/00     If you could ask one question of a person 100 years ago, what would that question be?

1/03/00     Now that the weekend celebration of the new millennium is over, what was your most memorable moment of the last 3 days?

1/02/00      What do you think will be the defining themes of the next century?

1/01/00      What was the first thing you did today?

12/31/99     What in your life will be different tomorrow?

12/30/99     What news story have you heard in the last week or so that really seems like a millenium ending sort of thing? (Be as detailed as possible).

12/29/99     What do you want to leave behind from the past year? How about take with you into the new year?

12/28/99     Have you made any Y2K preparations? If so, what are they?

12/27/99     What do you think will be the next BIG thing?

12/26/99     What is the most important event, thing, person, idea of the last year? last 10 years? last 100 years? last 1000 years?

12/25/99     Since today marks the 2000th year of the Christian Era, how different would our world be if a small Jewish sect called Christians never gathered more than a handful of followers?

12/24/99     What is the one thing people 1000 years from now will know about you and the way you lived?

12/23/99     What do you think will happen as a result of Y2K bug problems?

12/22/99     What does the idea of the year 2000 (or the millenium) mean to you?


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