12/31/03 What do you do badly?
12/30/03 What do you do on Saturday nights?
12/29/03 What is bad Karma?
12/28/03 Do you have any of end-of-year rituals?
12/27/03 Which charities do you give to, and why?
12/26/03 What was the worst present you received this year?
12/25/03 What was the best present you received this Christmas?
12/24/03 Do you believe that Jesus is the son of God?
12/23/03 Do you use peer-to-peer file-sharing applications?
12/22/03 What are your views on gay marriage?
12/21/03 Does your family have any Christmas traditions, or practices that others would find odd?
12/20/03 Where will you spend Christmas this year?
12/19/03 What does Christmas mean to you?
12/18/03 What’s your favorite word?
12/17/03 Why do you live where you do?
12/16/03 Where do you read?
12/15/03 Do you have the right amount of technology in your life?
12/14/03 Who is Richard Stallman?
12/13/03 Are you above average?
12/12/03 What is your most rational fear?
12/11/03 Do you bury your talents?
12/10/03 Would you rather be fluent in French or C?
12/09/03 Are you an Ant or a Grasshopper?
12/08/03 Do you own books you will never read again?
12/07/03 Who would you censor?
12/06/03 Do you think spelling is important?
12/05/03 Should women be drafted?
12/04/03 How much brains does a leader need?
12/03/03 How much charisma does a leader need?
12/02/03 How comfortable are you with your level of intellectualism?
12/01/03 How often is your behavior modified by the knowledge that you are an example to others?
11/30/03 Do you have a polite way of telling people their presence is no longer required?
11/29/03 Would you like to see more ‘why’ questions on this site?
11/28/03 Do you own a video camera and if so how often is it used?
11/27/03 How often do you visit gravesites?
11/26/03 Are alimony laws sexist?
11/25/03 How often do you visit your town library?
11/24/03 If a Japanese car company assembles its products in the US are those Japanese cars or American?
11/23/03 Is corporate welfare justified?
11/22/03 What does the government spend too much money on?
11/21/03 What’s the largest audience you’ve ever addressed?
11/20/03 When was the last time you were stranded?
11/19/03 What behavior that is now illegal should be legal?
11/18/03 What is a behavior that is now legal, that should be illegal?
11/17/03 Is your life a sitcom or a soap opera?
11/16/03 What should a news program cover?
11/15/03 If you could design your perfect lifestyle, what would it look like?
11/14/03 What recognition do you receive that you hold little regard for?
11/13/03 What would you most liked to be recognized for?
11/12/03 Are you genetically predisposed to any diseases?
11/11/03 What is the last thing you gave away?
11/10/03 What do you create?
11/9/03 If you celebrate Thanksgiving, what are you doing this year?
11/8/03 Do you wear nail polish?
11/7/03 What is the last book you read?
11/6/03 How do you feel right now?
11/5/03 How would you describe your house?
11/4/03 What is (or was your worst dating habit?
11/3/03 Do animals have souls . . . why / why not?
11/2/03 Have you ever broken the law?
11/1/03 Do you enjoy your own company?
10/31/03 What is your favorite Halloween treat?
10/30/03 Are you a natural leader, or a follower?
10/29/03 Do you watch Saturday Night Live and if so what was your favorite cast?
10/28/03 Have you ever acted in a play?
10/27/03 What software is installed on your computer?
10/26/03 What do you like best about your life?
10/25/03 What modern artifact will completely confound future archeologists?
10/24/03 Do you take particular pride in any of the minor virtues?
10/23/03 What is the most thoughtful gift you have ever been given?
10/22/03 What makes your tummy ache?
10/21/03 What is your favorite creepy-crawly?
10/20/03 Do you have any autumn rituals?
10/19/03 Where do you belong?
10/18/03 Would you make good use of 3 wishes?
10/17/03 What was the last bodily injury you suffered?
10/16/03 If you had a laso of truth, who would you laso, and what would you ask them?
10/15/03 You need to complain about a local service that didn't meet your standards. Would you most likely write a letter, pick up the phone, or go there in person to complain?
10/14/03 Do you have any foreign penpals or email buddies who you have never met?
10/13/03 Which experiences from your school days have had the most impact on your life?
10/12/03 Neighbors are making a terrible racket late at night. How long do you tolerate it before taking action?
10/11/03 Ten years ago, did you imagine yourself in the financial position you're in now? If not, are you better off than you thought you would be, or worse off?
10/10/03 Are you more right-brained or left-brained?
10/9/03 How many pillows are on your bed?
10/8/03 What size bed do you sleep in and do you share it anyone?
10/7/03 Are things too simple?
10/6/03 How do you procrastinate?
10/5/03 What is good about a monopoly?
10/4/03 Is easy listening good or bad?
10/3/03 Do you like to swim?
10/2/03 All sports have a small element of danger but a few are just plain dangerous. Which sport causes you to ask "Aren't they afraid they'll --------?"
10/1/03 What is the longest period of time you've been unconscious for?
9/30/03 Many fitness centers/gymnasiums will not allow cell phones in the locker rooms because many cell phones have picture-taking capabilities and someone may inadvertently or purposely take pictures of members changing their clothes. Does your cell phone have a camera and do you belong to a fitness center?
9/29/03 If you could 'super-size' one of your senses and increase your ability to see, hear, touch, taste, or smell, which sense would you choose and why?
9/28/03 Have you ever hallucinated?
9/27/03 What is the farthest you have traveled?
9/26/03 How does one of your mates take their coffee?
9/25/03 Do you have more stuff than you need?
9/24/03 Do you dream in color?
9/23/03 Would you rather have a book dedicated to you by a famous author or would you rather publish a book that garners no praise?
9/22/03 Is it possible to develop a work ethic?
9/21/03 What is the best live performance you have ever been to?
9/20/03 Who would you most like to have a conversation with?
9/19/02 What was the craziest thing you heard today?
9/18/03 If you were psychic, what would you do with your powers?
9/17/03 What is one thing you have to do at work that definitely isn’t in your job description?
9/16/03 What is the most thoughtful gift you have ever been given?
9/15/03 Do you have a lucky charm?
9/14/03 What is the worst thing that our society accepts?
9/13/03 What is the safest place you know?
9/12/03 What is your number one goal right now?
9/11/03 Did you encounter any special events remember 9/11/01?
9/10/03 Where were you when you first heard about the 9/11 disaster?
9/9/03 Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
9/8/03 Which would you rather explore: beneath the ocean or outer space?
9/7/03 If you could switch places with any movie character, who would you choose?
9/6/03 How much water do you drink in a day?
9/5/03 If you could take a class in anything, what would you take?
9/4/03 What do the children in your life think of starting school?
9/3/03 Are you awaiting the return of a favorit TV show? If so, which one?
9/2/03 What are you looking forward to this season?
9/1/03 What are your thoughts on high tech, knowledge jobs being sent overseas?
8/31/03 What is your favorite salad ingredient?
8/30/03 What is the last thing you were happy to find?
8/29/03 What radio station are you tuned into in your car?
8/28/03 What do you do on a typical day?
8/27/03 Do you vote? If no, why not?
8/26/03 What was the nicest thing that happened to you today?
8/25/03 What was your last car related mishap?
8/24/03 What is the best thing you add to a party?
8/23/03 What are your thoughts on child molesters?
8/22/03 Is platonic love possible?
8/21/03 When was you last life crisis?
8/20/03 What are you thoughts on Iraq currently?
8/19/03 What is your favorite comic strip?
8/18/03 What is the hardest thing about returning from vacation?
8/17/03 Does your office, school, or home have a shredder and if so, have you ever accidentally shredded something that you didn't mean to shred?
8/16/03 Do you prefer an analog or ditigal clock?
8/15/03 What are your thoughts on the recall election in California?
8/14/03 Are you concerned about who owns the media?
8/13/03 What is your biggest concern about the environment?
8/12/03 What is your religion?
8/11/03 If somebody gave you a 10 thousand dollars a year, to stay in a job you loathe, would you stay?
8/10/03 How much money would you have to have in the bank before you could stop worrying about money?
8/9/03 Has a co-worker of yours ever left their job and, upon their leaving, you were totally bummed out?
8/8/03 What was the most stressful thing that happened this week?
8/7/03 What signs indicate to you that summer is coming to an end?
8/6/03 What was the last bodily injury you suffered?
8/5/03 What is your favorite summer food?
8/4/03 Do you tan easily?
8/3/03 Have you ever been to a fair?
8/2/03 Do you read a daily newspaper?
8/1/03 What did you throw away today?
7/31/03 What is something new you learned today?
7/30/03 Did you ever have a house guest overstay their welcome? If so, how did you handle it?
7/29/03 What is your fondest wedding memory?
7/28/03 How long do you keep receipts?
7/27/03 If your supervisor asked you if you liked your job, how would you answer?
7/26/03 Where did you last fly to?
7/25/03 What would you not write about?
7/24/03 What would you not videotape?
7/23/03 What company / industry would you NEVER work for?
7/22/03 How many credit / charge cards do you have?
7/21/03 Do you smoke cigarettes?
7/20/03 Is there any habit you have tried to develop but for some reason, you just can't?
7/19/03 What is your favorite beauty / grooming product?
7/18/03 What is your favorite song from the 50's? the 60's?
7/17/03 How much money do you have in the bank?
7/16/03 What is your current obsession?
7/15/03 Do you think George W. Bush and Tony Blair overstated the case for WMD?
7/14/03 Do you have any unusual hobbies or pastimes?
7/13/03 What kind of snack foods do you have in your house right now?
7/12/03 What is the worst movie you've ever seen?
7/11/03 What do you think about nude beaches?
7/10/03 What is one thing you feel confident about right now?
7/9/03 What is your favorite water activity?
7/8/03 Where are you going when you die?
7/7/03 Do you tend to exaggerate?
7/6/03 Do you have to go to work tomorrow?
7/5/03 What would motivate you enough to move to another state and / or country?
7/4/03 What is your concept of democracy?
7/3/03 Have you ever been told by your supervisor to do something that you considered morally or unethically wrong? What about dishonest?
7/2/03 Has your house / apartment ever been broken into?
7/1/03 Do you listen to the radio via your computer / Internet?
6/30/03 Are you good at baking cakes?
6/29/03 What are your thoughts about taking a walk during a thunderstorm?
6/28/03 Do you have a spiritual companion / director / friend / guide?
6/27/03 What was the most recent dream you had?
6/26/03 If they were giving out awards today, which one would suit you best?
6/25/03 What body ache do you have?
6/24/03 Are you a sweets person, or do you prefer savoury things?
6/23/03 Have you been to a concert recently? Who did you see?
6/22/03 What political party do you belong to?
6/21/03 What is your favorite piece of artwork?
6/20/03 What are you doing this weekend?
6/19/03 What is under the cabinet in your bathroom?
6/18/03 What are two things can quickly put you into a miserable mood?
6/17/03 Do you usually initiate friendships or wait to be approached?
6/16/03 When was the last time you felt unappreciated at work...why?
6/15/03 Do you enjoy camping?
6/14/03 What plants do you grow in your garden/windowsil?
6/13/03 Where is the most foreign place you have visited?
6/12/03 What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?
6/11/03 Who is your favorite TV animal?
6/10/03 What did you receive in you mailbox yesterday?
6/9/03 What is the next book you are going to read?
6/8/03 Do you ever question your own sanity?
6/7/03 What are you really good at?
6/6/03 What kinds of things do you have planned for this summer? (vacations, concerts, barbecues, etc...)
6/5/03 What fabric feels the greatest to you?
6/4/03 What about your astrological sign rings true to your personality?
6/3/03 What is something you did today you wish you hadn't?
6/2/03 If you had an opportunity (free of charge) to board the space shuttle for a future mission, would you go?
6/1/03 What is something new you are involved in?
5/31/03 What fatal disease would you be most afraid of contracting?
5/30/03 If your life ended now, your legacy to the world would be your?
5/29/03 At the end of the day, your prevailing emotion tends to be what?
5/28/03 If you were a vehicle, what kind of vehicle would you be?
5/27/03 What is your favorite decade, why?
5/26/03 How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?
5/25/03 How are you?
5/24/03 Is it harder to be the parent of a child or the child of a parent?
5/23/03 Are there any special talents or skills that you wish you possessed?
5/22/03 If you were suddenly forced to trade jobs with a friend or family member for one year, what job would it be and why?
5/21/03 What has been your most effective strategy for letting someone else know you are interested in them?
5/20/03 Do you do volunteer work? If so, where?
5/19/03 What was the worst thing that ever happened to you while you were on vacation?
5/18/03 What is your favorite dessert?
5/17/03 If you had a patron saint, what would her / his story be?
5/16/03 Have you ever mooned someone or have you ever been mooned?
5/15/03 Do you have any habit(s) that others might consider strange?
5/14/03 Did you watch cartoons as a child?
5/13/03 What do you see when you look out your back door?
5/12/03 Do you use anything besides toothpaste to whiten your teeth?
5/11/03 Has your pet ever helped you out of a bad situation?
5/10/03 Would you accept $10,000 to shave your head and never wear a hat or wig or
explain to anyone the reason for your haircut?
5/9/03 If you had the choice of marrying your soulmate and having no friends or having lots of friends but no soulmate, which would you choose?
5/8/03 If a friend of yours was asked to tell what you were like, would he or she be able to say that you are "a beautiful person"?
5/7/03 If you could take an all expenses paid vacation this summer, where would you go?
5/6/03 What do you see when you look out your front door?
5/5/03 Would you kill someone who had your family hostage?
5/4/03 Did you save a memento from your first date/your prom/your wedding?
5/3/03 What charities do you support?
5/2/03 Have you ever received a love letter?
5/1/03 Have you ever been, or considered being, a candidate for public office?
4/30/03 Where you ever "Bullied" in school?
4/29/03 What has been your biggest disappointment in life?
4/28/03 Where does tension find a home in your body?
4/27/03 Our forefathers made freedom of expression,religion etc; possible. When a religious sect of people From another Country brings Horrific Death to Innocent Americans working in the World Trade Center on 9/11/01, How can you say Peace is the answer? These people are mongers of death by religious beliefs. I would like to live by the fact that peace is a wonderful thing.,,,,,,but, as long as Two men or woman are on earth, there will always be is a bizarre human instinct. So my question is: How could you ever be so naive that other countries of men and women see your point of peace? without war? or death?
4/26/03 What is your favorite veggie grilled? How do you cook it?
4/25/03 If you died and were reincarnated as an animal, which animal do you think you would be?
4/24/03 What age seems ideal to you?
4/23/03 If you were applying for a job in Security, how would you do if they conducted a background check? (A check into your past, former neighbors, your parents, etc.)?
4/22/03 On a scale of 1 through 10, one being zero, what is your level of tolerance for pain?
4/21/03 How far back into your childhood (by age) can you truly recall things or events with great detail?
4/20/03 Did you ever, at any time, experiment with or use an illegal drug? If so, how old were you?

4/19/03 Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
4/18/03 If you were given $1000 on the condition that you had to spend all of it in only one store, which store would you choose?
4/17/03 If you could have any career in life as you know it now, what would it be?
4/16/03 On a scale from 1 to 10 (with 1 being 'not at all'), how dirty is your mind?
4/15/03 For those of you in the US, did you get or send money from / to Uncle Sam today?
4/14/03 What is the largest sum of money you have ever found?
4/13/02 Is there any culture or group of people that especially interest you?
4/12/03 Have you ever had something you've written published?
4/11/09 If you celebrate Easter, how do you celebrate?
4/10/09 How can you not support the United States troops? Are you a peace-nik?
4/9/09 What's one mistake no one will let you forget?
4/8/09 Have you ever taken anything that didn't belong to you home from your place of work or from school?
4/7/03 What would you do to fight for your beliefs?
4/6/03 Have you ever participated in any "extreme" sports or activities, like skydiving, bungee jumping or something like that?
4/5/03 Do you ever wish that you could see yourself as others see you?
4/4/03 If you saw someone cheating on a test, what would you do?
4/3/03 Do you have a 'sweet tooth'?
4/2/03 Do you have any "knick-knacks" or photos around your computer?
4/1/03 Have you ever been an April Fool?
3/31/03 If you had to write a book about your life up to this point, what what the title of said book be?
3/30/03 Saddam Hussein: Madman or National Hero?
3/29/03 What was the worst bodily injury you've ever suffered?
3/28/03 Do you ever do something nice for someone without telling them who did it?
3/27/03 Do you ever find yourself interrupting or finishing the sentences of others during a conversation?
3/26/03 Can you remeber the names of your childhood pets?
3/25/03 Do you enjoy your own company?
3/24/03 The Stones say 'you can't always get what you want'...what do you want that you haven't got?
3/23/03 How do you feel about the US bombing Iraq?
3/22/03 What are you having for dinner tonight?
3/21/03 If suddenly there was a $15 annual fee to continue with the 2000days project, would you pay it and stay on or leave?
3/20/03 Everyone has some evil in them. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much evil do you think you have in you?
3/19/03 What's your favorite fast-food joint?
3/18/03 How did you meet the majority of your current friends?
3/17/03 On average, how much is your long-distance phone bill?
3/16/03 What is your biggest responsibility?
3/15/03 Do you do any volunteer work?
3/14/03 Have you or a loved one ever had a heart attack? If so, what changes have you made in your lifestyle?
3/13/03 Are you an energetic person?
3/12/03 How did you first come to hear about this website?
3/11/03 How do you control your anger?
3/10/03 What was the last (non-necessity) item you purchased for yourself?
3/9/03 What is your favorate bird (to eat, to watch, to hear)?
3/8/03 Are there any television commercials which really grate on your nerves?
3/7/03 What are your favorite condiments?
3/6/03 What one thing (thought, person, place, smell, sound or taste) makes you the happiest you could ever be?
3/5/03 What renews you?
3/4/03 What did you eat for breakfast?
3/3/03 When was the last time you were asked out or hit on by someone you were not interested in?
3/2/03 What is a habit you have picked up from somebody else?
3/1/03 When was the last time you were attracted to someone who was off limits?
2/28/03 How would the world run without money?
2/27/03 Have you found any particularly interesting web sites lately?
2/26/03 Is it easier to impose discipline on yourself or on other people?
2/25/03 Who is/was the most "colorful" character in your family?
2/24/03 What did you do yesterday that you wish you could do over?
2/23/03 What was it like when you have met up with an old love?
2/22/03 What changes have taken place in your life as a result of the increased awareness of terrorism?
2/21/03 Do you wear glasses?
2/20//03 What temperature do you set the thermostat at your house?
2/19/03 Have you ever attended a peace rally?
2/18/03 Is there a food or dish you detested as a child that you like as an adult?
2/17/03 If you have an ache, do you think that you should "suffer in silence" or if a pill is available that will relieve your pain, take it?
2/16/03 If you were in a bomb shelter, and were allowed to bring only three things(one person, one album, and one food item), what would they be?
2/15/03 What do you feel is your sole purpose in life?
2/14/03 Did you send any Valentine's Day presents?
2/13/03 Have anybody you have been e-mailing (or whatever) ever stopped communicating with you...without giving a reason?
2/12/03 What kind of people do you like to spend time with?
2/11/03 Do you ever talk to yourself?
2/10/03 What was your first kiss like?
2/9/03 Ideally, what would you do if you had a unexpected day off (like a snowstorm, power outtage,. etc.)?
2/8/03 Do you ever talk to animals?
2/7/03 What home improvement project is next on your list?
2/6/03 How good are you at keeping a straight face when you really have to?
2/5/03 Do you have a master plan for how you live life and, if so, has anything happened that was DEFINITELY NOT included in your plan?
2/4/03 Do you have any Beanie Babies?
2/3/03 Can you perform any magic tricks?
2/2/03 What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you on a job interview?
2/1/03 Have you ever been infected with a parasite?
1/31/03 Have you ever gone backpacking?
1/30/03 Who would you want to see at your high school reunion?
1/29/03 What task(s) are you avoiding?
1/28/03 Do you ever drink bottled water, and if so, how often?
1/27/03 How would you like your remains handled after you die?
1/26/03 What was your favorite subject in school?
1/25/03 What's your favorite song to play "air guitar" to?
1/24/03 Have you made a will?
1/23/03 What is your favorite zoo animal?
1/22/03 Have you ever lied or grossly exaggerated on an important job application? If so, about what?
1/21/03 What is your most treasured possession?
1/20/03 When you go to the gas station, do you usually fill up or just get a certain dollar amount?
1/19/03 Do you forward email chain letters that promise good luck or bad luck, or delete them?
1/18/03 What are your thoughts on race-based admissions to colleges?
1/17/03 Do you set limits for yourself when you drink and cut yourself off when you know you've had enough?
1/16/03 What are your reading these days?
1/15/03 What is the best thing about birthdays?
1/14/03 Which is more important: actual experiences or the memories that remain when the actual experience is over?
1/13/03 What comment has somebody made about you... that totally surprised you?
1/12/03 Is there such a thing as a just war?
1/11/03 Where do you see yourself, or where would you like to see yourself, when this 2000 days project ends?
1/10/03 If you had a chance to meet all or any of the voices and faces of the names you have come to know through 2000 Days. The one who has struck you with words, WHO(name) would you want it to be?
1/9/03 Is there any food or specific meal that makes you think of your childhood?
1/8/03 Do you think it is hypocritical to be friends with someone that you would in no way recommend to the opposite sex?
1/7/03 If you were guaranteed honest answers to three questions, who would you question and what would you ask?
1/6/03 While running on an icy sidewalk in front of your neighbor's house, you fall and break your leg. Would you sue your neighbor?
1/5/03 Have you ever met (in person) anyone that you met on the internet?
1/4/03 What brand detergent do you use for clothing?
1/3/03 What do you most look forward to in the year 2003?
1/2/03 Do you have any New Years Resolutions?
1/1/03 What did you do on New Years Eve?
12/31/02 What happened in 2002 that you will never forget?

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